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The hunt is over. Let us serve all your dental needs!!!

…is a difficult task. Convenience is often a major factor. People pick an office for its location, its hours, or perhaps because of a list provided by their dental insurance.

But I suggest you pick a dental office for the people who work there.

How many times have you arrived for an appointment, walked up to a closed window, and waited? When someone finally realized that you were there, they opened the window, asked for your insurance card and co-pay, and never once said, “Hi, how are you today?” In some offices, it happens much too often.

It is important to brush and floss daily, and it is essential to have regular checkups. However, if you find a dental office that you are comfortable with, it greatly improves the chances that you will actually go to the dentist. If, when you go to the dentist, you have a positive dental experience, you are more likely to get the recommended treatment and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mouth.

The time to find a dental office is NOW before you have a dental problem. It is always easier for a dentist to meet, examine, and work on a patient who is not in pain. Although pain is an awesome motivator for certain groups of patients, how do you not hurt someone who is already in pain? Trust me, it is hard. Find that trusted dental office before you are hurting.

The best way to find a dental office is by referral from a friend or family member. At Hitchcock Dental, our patients are our biggest advertisers. Once you select an office, set up a “routine” dental visit. At our office we bring new patients in for a complete exam and to meet the entire dental team. We will take x-rays as necessary, examine your mouth, and educate you on your dental problems or concerns.

A good dental office is a team of people working toward a common goal. That goal is to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible while insuring that all your dental needs are met.

At Hitchcock Dental we are a small-town dental office. We practice general family dentistry. We have a high-tech office with a relaxed atmosphere. Our office building is easily recognizable by its lodge-like appearance and a striking copper roof. We have recruited people that live in the area to make up our team. Our team members appreciate that they live and work in the same community.

Our front desk is run by Cindy. She has been with our office for over 3 years. She is a retired army nurse, and makes sure the front desk runs like clockwork. She answers phones, checks insurance, makes appointments, and collects the money. That sounds like a lot of responsibilities (and it is!), but Cindy manages them well. Cindy is also a member of the Mis-Fits–a BBQ cook-off team that we sponsor whenever possible.

The next person that you will likely meet at our office is Bobbie. She has lived in Hitchcock for many years and has been with Hitchcock Dental for 18 years. Bobbie is our office manager. She has 26 years of experience in the dental field. She can fill in at almost any position in the office and is as at home at the front desk making appointments as she is in the back sitting chair-side. To put her position in baseball terms, she is the bull pen: the starter, the setup, and the closer. Bobbie’s experience makes her particularly adept at putting a patient’s dental needs into layman’s terms and answering any questions that may arise. She is great at finding a creative way to pay for and schedule your treatment. Her opening line is usually, “I’m the only one that hurts in this office,” which is delivered with a smile from ear to ear.

Once you get past the front desk, you will surely be charmed by my dental assistant, Candy. She will seat you in a room and make sure that you are comfortable. Candy is a very talented person. She has a wide range of skills and interests. She started out as a beautician but has excelled at remodeling and interior design. She is also a resident of Hitchcock and is most proud of her two boys. Candy has 6 years of dental experience and is as excellent at explaining different procedures as she is at assisting me.

Amber is our full-time hygienist. She has an excellent touch and is very thorough. She takes the time to talk to each patient, explaining the correct hygiene procedures, giving tips on how to brush, and she’ll even fuss at you when you need it. Amber works by appointment but is never too busy to answer your questions. Although Amber does not live in Hitchcock, we do not hold that against her. In fact she will soon play an important role for the Good Ole Days Parade.

We have a second hygienist, Mandy, who works on Thursdays and every other Friday. Mandy has 7 years experience in the dental field. She started as a dental assistant and worked her way though dental hygiene school. Like Amber, she is excellent at cleaning teeth, but–more important–she is really good at teaching you about your teeth. Mandy can also tell you about her passion for her horses. As a child, she did not work for an allowance but to feed them!

All of our team is very proud of our office and our patients. We feel we have a bond with them and that they regard us as friends, as we do them. Most of our patients have come to us through word of mouth (we love referrals) and we have many 3rd generation patients. As our sign shows, I am an avid duck hunter and fisherman, so our office reflects these hobbies in a warm, friendly way, and no one can miss our copper-colored roof on a hot August day.

We hope that you have gained some insight about choosing a dentist and have gained the courage to call and make a dental appointment. If we sound like an office that fits your needs, call us at 409-986-6018. Cindy will be glad to make your first appointment.

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